AQSep - Sea water MADE TO DRINK

Establish your own water supply or back-up water system.

You can establish your own, private water supply; or you can construct a powerful supplementary or back-up water system, in the event of problems with your existing water supply. You can also share your new AqSep product with neighbours or other houses in the vicinity and still have plenty of water for normal domestic use.

For small hotels and resorts in islands with no or little fresh water available the AqSep systems are ideal as primary water supply systems. Some of our distributors/dealers even offer the systems on lease at very moderate cost.



Water production costs

The WM4800E is able to produce 4.800 litres (1.276 gallons) of drinking water per day (24 hours). It is typically using less than 1kW continuous power to desalinate normal sea water. This brings the typical energy consumption down to 4 – 5 kW per 1.000 litres at 35.000 mg/l TDS (25 deg. C). This is significantly below the level of most other salt water RO units of this capacity.

The cost of production of water depends on which Watermaker model you choose, the price of electricity, the degree of product utilisation, the cost of labour and the expenses for filters, spare parts and membrane cleaning and replacement, it may be assumed that for the WM E-series the total production costs can be as low as US$ 5-6 per 1.000 gallons (Euro 1 per 1000 liters).

A new series of water makers

The WM series comprises two product lines:

The WM-E line which comprises RO units with energy recovery systems

The WM-B line which comprises RO units without energy recovery systems

Brief introduction to the difference between systems with and without energy recovery:

  • 18-30% of the supplied Seawater to a unit is converted into freshwater at a 70 bar / 1000PSI.
  • With a recovery of say 25% the remaining 75% of the seawater is returned back to the sea at 70 bar / 1000 PSI…..this is proportional a lot of “wasted energy”!
  • The energy recovery device is converting this “wasted energy” back into the system reducing the overall power consumption
  • The energy recovery device also insures that the units are fully automatic and there is no need for any adjustments at all!

 Applications include:

  • private homes
  • real estate developments
  • small to medium sized hotels and resorts
  • decentralized drinking water to small communities
  • aquaculture industries
  • government institutions
  • various on- and offshore installations

As opposed to all other RO units the Aqsep watermakers are comfortable with any salt content in the water, from sea water to lightly brackish water.