Generally, both ground water and surface water can provide safe drinking water, as long as the sources are not polluted and the water is sufficiently treated. Ground water is preferable over surface water for a number of reasons:

– Ground water is reliable during droughts, while surface water can be quickly depleted

– Ground water is, in general, easier and cheaper to treat than surface water, because it tends to be less polluted.

– Through wells, ground water can be tapped where it is need, whereas surface waters are concentrated in lakes and streams.




Our water works are built according to the latest design and security principles. Our basic designs are based on a completely closed and safe production system, such as steel water tanks instead of concrete tanks, which pose a potential risk of bacteria and contamination. At our designs for the Chinese market we will further develop the concept with focus on innovation and creating a flexible water work with minimal operating costs and maximum drinking water safety.


Our close cooperation with the best Danish water companies, we offer our customers to take on the entire assignment from “Well to Tap”. We have developed a turn-key concept where we offer design, procurement, installation, startup and service.
Our solutions can deliver drinking water from 40 / m3 per hour to entire city solutions. Working with Nordic Technologies we secure:

  • Zero loss during water filtration
  • Chemical free water filtration
  • Environmental friendly
  • Remove all kind of contaminations with low
energy use
  • Remote monitoring for optimized operation
  • Online water quality control
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low operation cost

Working with Nordic Technologies A/S

If you choose to work with Nordic Technologies A/S you also get access to all our partners and technology providers. We have teamed up with the best in the Nordic water business and can offer our clients solutions within areas such as SUBSURFACE EXPERTISE, Leakage detection, filtration technologies, SCADA systems, water saving solutions and design.

We act as a total supplier from “Well to Tap” which gives our clients a trust in the final solution and only “one point of contact”.

One of our key areas are our O&M solutions. We can offer a full O&M contract that secure your investment and secure safe and clean water for a long period of time.

Investment in water infrastructure is made possible by our financing models from Denmark. We can offer to look into financing possibilities for our clients based on our cooperation with the Danish Export Credit Fund.

We hope you will contact us for more details on your new Danish water work.