#1 Leasing

We provide concepts for operating and financing leases: You operate your plant and equipment and you own it or buy it after a defined period at a predetermined or fair-market value. Each option can have a different impact on your balance sheet and certain tax implications, subject to your locale’s tax regulations. In any case, we provide maintenance and service packages to support those lease options.

#2 Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

We invest in your new facilities and take full responsibility for a full-service plan, engineering, financing, construction, maintenance, and operation of plants and facilities. According to your requirements, plants and facilities can be transferred to your ownership after a predetermined period.

#3 Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

We structure Public-Private Partnerships according to your requirements. These may involve leasing, operations and maintenance, or BOT concepts. We can obtain international financing, whether from concessional sources, the World Bank, or private institutions.