Eight Features

Atmospheric Water, No Need For Water Supply

Water from the air – environment friendly.

Multi-functional, Purify & Dehumidify

High efficiency in producing and purifying water plus air purification and dehumidification.

No Waste Water, Seven-layer Nanoscale Filter

Water will go through a 7-layer of nanoscale filter without waste water discharged which is environmental friendly.

Areospace Use Patents, Military Use Quality

Use high efficiency modified molecular sieve technology and HEPA filtration material, which can efficiently barrier dust, hair, particulate matters and noxious gas, to purify the air used to generate water.

Automatic Water Circulation, Fresh Water Provider

Recycling every 8-hour and keeping the water temperature around 12-18 degrees celcius to make it fresh all the time.

Timed Sterilization, Water Quality Protected

Automatically turn on the ultraviolet disinfection mode every 1-hour and last for a-hour, preventing secondary pollution.

Intelligence and Humanization

Equipped with precise water-level control system, intelligent monitoring and reminding filter maintenance and replacement, PM2.5 monitoring.

Plug and Use, Simple and Convenient

Mobile, put anywhere you like, press to drink, no transferred water, no stored water, no replaced water.