Residential tap water solutions – MADE TO DRINK

The demand for safe and clean drinking water in residential houses or apartments is increasing and Nordic Technologies A/S is supplying different concepts for safe tap water.

Nordic Technologies A/S will provide you a plug-and-play solution based on the raw water and a service contract to ensure that the plant is running optimal for many years ahead.

The water is treated for sediments, hardness, heavy metals, organic matter, bacteria, silica, metal oxides and chlorine. Our treatment process is designed according to the inlet and outlet water and we guarantee full running time and drinking water quality.

We also offer different post-treatment solutions like pH neutralization and remineralization.

Online monitoring – safe water and optimal settings
In order to secure the plant is running with optimal settings and that the water quality is constantly monitored we offer a Danish designed SRO system delivering data such as:

Remote Monitoring
Power Supply Voltage
Power Consumption kWh
Water Tank Level
Valves operating status
Pumps operating status
TDS of raw water
TDS of treated water
pH of treated water
Turbidity of treated water
Color of treated water
Temperature of treated water
Water Supply Outlet Pressure
Water Supply Outlet Flow
UV operating status
Raw Water Inlet Pressure
Raw Water Inlet Flow


Remote Alarm
Leakage detection
Power out
Water Level – high/low
Supply Pressure – high/low
Raw Water pressure – high/low
Water Quality Parameters
Other operational parameters
Remote Controlling
Overall Start/Stop
Start/Stop of each pump
Control of Valve positions

Why use solutions from Nordic Technologies A/S?

  • Based on Nordic technology and Nordic design
  • Long operating experience
  • Designed and build from tested components
  • Cost efficient design according to raw water
  • Online monitoring for optimal operation
  • Many reference projects
  • Service and support on all installations for secure water delivery