A Water kiosk from Nordic Technologies comes in many sizes and shapes based on the specific need in the installation area

The kiosk water filters treat up to 1,000 liters of raw water per hour and will remove solids, physical impurities, bacteria and pathogens, securing safe and clean drinking water and reduce water-borne diseases dramatically.

Our experience in Water Kiosk makes it simple and easy for our clients and we secure the kiosk’s operations, maintenance and performance to ensure longer financial and technical viability. 

Having worked with the water challenges for years we know that financing is an important issue for really moving the drinking water access forward. The willingness to invest and paying for the water kiosk is often low and to overcome this fact Nordic Technologies offer different financing solutions. For our financing solutions please contact us directly.

For more information please contact lwg@nordic-technologies.com or visit us at NO. 37/1, Pisoli Gaon, Dagade Mala, Neat Dhondiba Masal Industrial Estate, Pune – 411 060.



    Remote monitoring
    Safe payment system
    Automated plant control
    Alerts via SMS
    Intrusion protected
    Multi barrier design
    Chiller for safe storage
    UV Radiation
    Re-mineralisation (option)


    • Reporting of status and performance
    • Monitoring using graphical user


    • Pre-emptive

      maintenance program

Water Kiosks

  • Our Water Kiosks are fully automated for safe and reliable continuous operation. We deliver drinking water which meet WHO and local standards.
  • Water is paid for using a pre-paid (re-charged) swipe card, coins or mobile solutions.
  • Heavy metals, bacteria, virus and other harmful pollutants in the raw water are efficiently removed with our reversed osmosis system comprising a combination of filtration, membrane separation and disinfection.